Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Osmosis - biology demo

Over the summer break I managed to complete a few courses on Future Learn.One of them touched on the topic of osmosis. I mentioned last year an easy practical for that topic (click here to read more) and this demo is a great addition to that lesson.

I wish you great lessons!


Sunday, 1 September 2019

Welcome back!

Summer holidays are over and many of us have already been either teaching or planning units of work to teach very soon. Below is a list of some of my favourite tools and experiments I tested last year with a very good outcome. Hope it inspires you to try something new with your students.

Mystery Boxes

Student engagement through SeeSaw

Microscale precipitation reactions

Book of achievements for KS3 Science Club

Tests for cations and anions

I wish you great lessons!


Thursday, 13 June 2019

Have a well deserved break :)

Happy summer holidays to all of my fellow teachers. We made it! I wish you a restful break, full of amazing travels and great food.

I'll start posting again in August.


Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Noodle tools

I was recently introduced to a versatile online tool which is supporting my Grade 8 MYP students in their research. I'm talking about Noodle Tools, an online tool created to help you plan, create and work together on projects.

As a teacher, you have inboxes for your classes:

You can easily check your students' work; what sources they gathered:

How many note cards they created:

How detailed are their note cards:

This tool makes it very easy to teach your students how to organise their research well. This is a vital skill for IB and obviously for their studies at university. Noodle Tools allows you to group your note cards, colour-code them and even assign a hashtag so you can easily filter in search for information.

One of my favourite features is the bibliography option which allows you to import all of your cited works into MS Word in seconds. Additionally, you can also set up which style you need the reference list to be (APA, MLA, etc.).

I wish you great lessons!


Friday, 24 May 2019

Easy osmosis practical

I would like to share an experiment your students can do to understand the process of osmosis. It's easy and cheap to set up. It also allows your pupils to further improve their lab skills.

To conduct the experiment you need a cucumber, some table salt, a table spoon, 200ml of tap water, 200ml of distilled water and a balance.

I was working with grade 8 MYP students in this class. I introduced them to magnetic stirrer as well to help with dissolving the salt.

We used 200 ml of both tap and distilled water and dissolved two tablespoons of salt. To keep the results consistent we decided to weigh the salt and use 34g.

We managed to get the first results after 1 hour in lesson, I took the second measurements for the pupils 2 hours into the experiment. Our last measurement was done the following day.

Lastly, I gave the students freedom to collate the results as a class an this is the table they put together:

 Click the table to enlarge it

We also decided to merge science and art and create posters to compare osmosis and diffusion.

Here are full instructions from the authors of this experiment:

I came across this experiment when doing "Basic Science: Understanding Experiments" course on Future Learn (click here).

I wish you great lessons!


Saturday, 4 May 2019

Travelling Teacher: WONDERLAB The Equinor Gallery

The Wonderlab offers over 50 hands-on exhibits which will make you feel like a true scientist. The Science Shows offer brilliant learning experiences for everyone. You can even have your birthday party there!

Thursday, 25 April 2019

City Nature Challenge

I came across this brilliant challenge which will allow your students to explore nature. It's called City Nature Challenge and it's all about engaging with nature and being a good observer. Here is a video from Cape Town which nicely explains how you can participate:

As you can see from the video it is very easy to participate. I hope the weather will be great this weekend so that everyone can get beautiful pictures!

I wish you great lessons!


Osmosis - biology demo

Over the summer break I managed to complete a few courses on Future Learn .One of them touched on the topic of osmosis. I mentioned last yea...